Tullis Surname DNA Project

Project Coordinator: Tom Tullis (TomTullis@aol.com)

Welcome to the homepage for the Tullis Surname DNA Project!

The purpose of this project is to learn more about how Tullises worldwide are related by studying genetics.  Specifically, the project is studying the Y-chromosome of Tullis males to determine if they have a common male ancestor.  Since the Y-chromosome is only inherited by males, it allows us to study the paternal lineage, but it also means that study participation is limited to males.

To participate in the study, you should meet the following criteria:

The testing and analysis is being done through FamilyTreeDNA, perhaps the most popular genetic genealogy service. The test analyzes a number of genetic "markers" and then compares your results to others in the database.  If your markers match someone else's markers, it means that you share a common paternal ancestor with that person.

Some of the specific goals of this study are as follows:

Participation in the project is very simple.  Here's what you do:

  1. Join the Tullis Surname Project on the FamilyTreeDNA site.

  2. Order a test kit.  We recommend the "Y-DNA-12" or 12-marker test, which costs $99.  (Note that this is a discounted price for participants in the surname project.  Normal price is $159.)

  3. When you receive your test kit, you will use the enclosed swabs to take two samples from inside your mouth.  It's very simple-- like brushing the inside of your cheeks.  See a photo of the test kit.

  4. Mail the test kit back to Family Tree DNA in the mailer enclosed with the kit.

  5. They will then analyze the samples and notify you when the results are available, including any matches to others in the database.

This project is just starting, so we don't have any results to post from it yet.  As we do, they will be posted here.

Questions?  Contact TomTullis@aol.com.

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